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Visiting a bar or restaurant that feels like home every time never gets old. And when it comes with friends or family, a great meal, and perhaps even some live music, well then, you’re really on to something. Established in 2002, Muldoon’s is just this kind of place, where the comforts of comfortable dining are always the order of the day. For the past fifteen years we’ve been your neighborhood Irish bar and restaurant, wonderfully quaint and relaxing, with pub fare classics and friendly service that never disappoint.

When you come to Muldoon’s, you’re a part of the family, and we regularly love our regulars. It just what we do. Our customers are the reason we do what we do, so we aim to always give our best. When you step through our doors, let your shoulders fall, your smile widen, your thirst be quenched and appetite appeased.

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